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XRCS Staking is the best way to automate your staking.

Performance Level

  • Up to 12% Est. APY

  • 15 days Staking Process.

  • XRCS token stays in wallet, no freeze, no lock up.

  • Just Hold XRCS in wallet throughout  the staking duration.

New Staking Schedule
Will be Announced Soon


Upcoming staking schedules will be announced soon Q1 of 2023.

Previous Staking

10th Crypto Staking

  • Snapshot: October10, 2022  12:00 pm UTC

  • Air Drop: October 26, 2022

  • Reward: XRP

Staking Archives

Provided for transparency and auditing purposes.


1. How to join?

  • Hold any amount of XRCS before snapshot Date.

2. Who is eligible to receive airdrop reward?

  • All XRCS holders captured on snapshot date and maintain their holding/s on airdrop date.

3. What if I sell my XRCS after Snapshot and/or before Airdrop date?

  • If you sell all your XRCS after snapshot you need to get them back again before airdrop date to receive the airdrop reward.

  • If you sell all your XRCS after snapshot and did not get them back before Airdrop Date, your Airdrop reward will be forfeited and you won’t get anything.

  • If you sell partial of you XRCS after snapshot you only receive appropriate ratio based on your current holding on airdrop date.

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